Search Certificate Before the Purchase of a Property

The Search Certificate Before the Purchase of a Property

How important is the search document before the purchase of a property?

The Department of Lands & Surveys has the ability to provide to any interested person, essential information related to the legal background of any property where is registered in the records of the Land Registry of Cyprus.

Is considered one of the most important documents at the initial stage of a property sale, that protect the potential buyer of a property to be aware about any liens or encumbrances where affecting the property and therefore the legal transfer/registration of the property to the new owner’s name.  

Such liens or encumbrances could be:

a) Mortgage (Bank Debt - Financing Requirement)

b) MEMO (Outstanding Economic Claim, borne by the registered owner of the  property)

Furthermore, the history of each immovable property of each owner has to be disclosed officially to the potential buyer before the signing of the sale agreement-contract and assignment agreement.

Search Document - Application

A search certificate is issued only after the respective application has been filed and the prescribed fees have been paid to the Department of Lands and Surveys. The application could be lodged by the registered owner of the property or the legal representative of the registered owner of the property. The Search Document is filed on Form N.50 to any District Lands Office and for its preparation usually needed is 24 hrs - 30 days, depending on the type of information requested.

The legal representative needs to present a stumped and certified power of attorney to the land registry office where includes the term which allows clearly to the attorney to apply and receive the search document.


The fees payable to the Department of Lands & Surveys vary and depend on the information requested by each applicant.


Department of Lands & Surveys - Law Cap.224, Section 51A

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