Efficient Property Exposure for Sale in Cyprus

Efficient Property Exposure for Sale in Cyprus

When it comes to selling your property in Cyprus, choosing the right Estate Agent to list your property can be daunting. Most homeowners will want to achieve two things from their listing plus a quick sale and as much return as possible from their investment.


Here at DemPro, we utilise a range of tried and tested techniques to ensure that each of our clients reach their selling goals – as well as a host of modern methods for maximum results. We’ve been in the industry for years and in that time, we’ve helped our clients to reach an incredibly diverse audience of buyers throughout Cyprus.


What we do

When you choose to list your property with us, the first thing we’ll do is complete a detailed property inspection. This allows us to cast a professional eye over your home and its features, so that we can advertise it to its fullest potential. We are qualified and licensed property evaluators, which means that we can assign a cost to your property formally and give you a better idea of how much you could expect to make once it’s been sold.


Realistic Selling Prices

In our experience, correct property pricing is extremely important when selling a home within a decent amount of time – those that are under priced may sell faster at your detriment, whilst those that are overpriced tend to sit around for much longer than they need to.

Our licensed and professional team have both the skills and experience to give your home a realistic target that will appeal to buyers without putting you at a loss.


Listing Properties Professionally 

In recent years, real estate is one of the many sectors that has seen an increase in buyers needing immediate information – with the internet and social media having a huge impact on the way that people shop.

As little as twenty years ago, estate agents would provide very specific information about a property (namely its amenities, such as number of bedrooms, bathrooms and so on) and a main image of the property from the outside. Buyers would arrange viewings and garner any additional information first-hand from the agent.

These days, buyers want as much info and pictures of the property for sale as possible, often before they even consider a viewing. Unfortunately, many agents (especially in EU countries like Cyprus) haven’t quite caught up with this demand yet.

The good news is that here at Dem Pro, we aim to include as much information for our audience as possible – and we do so via a range of platforms. You can expect to find our property listings through:

·         Social media, including Facebook where the audience is readily available to reach

·         Our own easy to use website (with mobile functionality)

·         Third party property websites, such as Rightmove, Zoopla, Prime Location, A Place in the Sun, etc

·         More traditional methods of advertisement, such as paper publications

·         Google and other search engines


For both us and for you, it’s important to showcase your property in a way that makes it stand out from others that may be similar in features and price-range. The more extensive (and professionally handled) the exposure, the better chance you’ll have at selling quickly and for the right price for you.

As a result, our marketing campaigns go above and beyond, by providing aerial footage of your home and its surroundings using a drone. With professional drone footage displaying your property like no other, you can rest assured that a sale could be on the cards in no time at all. The videos and photography captured can add a luxurious feel to your property listing, whilst enticing potential buyers that want to see as much as possible before booking a viewing.


But that’s not all that we offer

Aside from all of the above, we also work with each of our clients from start to finish, providing information on the Cyprus standards for both properties and sales – and ensuring that all bases are covered for both buyer and seller. We work alongside expert lawyers and are up to date with our licensing for your added reassurance. We are also ahead of the current market trends and even with additional information regarding property sales (including issues concerning title deeds and Brexit).

If you’re looking for efficient property exposure in Cyprus, look no further than Dempro. We pride ourselves on getting the most out of all available marketing techniques when it comes to promoting our clients’ properties. We never cut corners and aim to reach the ideal audience on your behalf: allowing you to sit back and relax as we take care of the hard work for you.


List your property for sale with us and acquire your property's High Resolution Aerial Videos


Aerial Video - Efficient Property Exposure
Aerial Video No.2
Efficient Exposure of a Villa For Sale in Paphos, Cyprus
Aerial Video - Anthea Gardens - Yeroskipou - Paphos - Cyprus
Villa in Armou - Paphos - Cyprus

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