How to Improve the Value of Your Cyprus Home Before a Sale

How to Improve the Value of Your Cyprus Home Before a Sale

Most Cyprus home owners will want to make sure that when it comes to selling their properties, they receive as much of a profit as possible. Fortunately, the market has seen an increase to its value recently and although seemingly small at roughly 2%, this is still the difference between several thousand Euros in most cases.


In our experience, the majority of buyers can’t be put into one particular category when it comes to the types of properties that they are looking for. But what can be said is that with Brexit just around the corner, more and more British expats in Cyprus are looking for ways to secure their permission to stay by purchasing a home worth at least €300,000 (making them eligible for permanent residency).


How Can You Improve Your Home’s Value?


It’s simple really, and just involves a little bit of effort and possibly a few small expenses when compared to the long-term return on investment.


For instance, hiring a cleaning team to thoroughly cleanse your entire property could help to get rid of dirt and stains, whilst making your home look more presentable when it comes to viewing.


Secondly, a gardener can work wonders on an outdoor space and they can often be hired from as little as €20-€50 a day.


If you have any unfinished work, you’ll typically have two options – either invest in a construction agency to finish the job, or tidy up yourself to make things easy for the new buyer to renovate and complete.


As far as the structural integrity of your home is concerned, you could appeal to a more prominent type of buyer by securing all of the necessary paperwork to validate that your property features all of the latest technologies as far as earthquakes and tremors are concerned. The more proof that you have that your home is secure, the more appealing it can be to a new buyer.


That’s not to say that if you are looking to sell a traditional property that you won’t be in luck; quite the opposite, in fact. These types of homes were built to stand the test of time and many British expats go above and beyond to secure a village home or bungalow to enjoy their retirement, or invest for their futures. Get in touch with us for an evaluation, or to have our experts list your property ready for a stress-free sale!

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