Our team of surveyors undertakes property valuations and appraisals on a regular basis. This service is important not only for sales but also for mortgage, financial and insurance valuations. We have also noticed that with the old real estate stock it has become of particular importance to understand the cost involved in reinstating a property to ensure there is adequate value.

We conduct all certified residential, commercial and industrial property valuations for individuals, Cyprus based banks and financial institutions.

Demosthenous properties  valuations' objective is to work with clients (banks or individuals) to ensure that they have timely, accurate and relevant property valuation in order to properly service their real estate requirements, or of course manage portfolios, make investment decisions and assess risk.

Remember, property valuations in Cyprus are used for two primary reasons: i) for establishing the market selling price when putting it on the market, and ii) compulsory when obtaining a bank loan mortgage. Banks require an accurate property value in order to determine the amount to lend, valued as collateral. It is also essential for insuring a property.

Property valuation needs to be both independent and objective and be undertaken in accordance with Cyprus government standards and compliance regimes. Demosthenous properties  also ensure property valuation performances are in accordance with the Code of Ethics and conduct laid down by The Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber (ETEK)..


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